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François-Xavier ALEXANDRE is a French artist born in 1972 in Angers, France, whose work expresses a phenomenon* and a process of connection through different mediums which form a limitless and global work of art.


This phenomenon and process are principally expressed within the artist’s pictorial creations, called Objets Plastiques, which can work independently or together, and which are connected to their environment in the broadest sense.


Each of François-Xavier ALEXANDRE’s paintings has its own internal system of realities and connections, but also contains an artistic phenomenon that is not confined to the edges of the frame but which can also connect with its environment (as an art installation).


His Objets Plastiques relate to one another and their environment which is principally plastic, architectural, historical and social. Equally, these paintings belong to a movement as well as a general and harmonious order of the cosmos. 


François-Xavier ALEXANDRE also expresses this process and phenomenon of connection through texts, scenographies, sculptures, artistic installations and polymedia.


He considers himself as a ‘connector’ and a ‘mediator’ who communicates and conveys a phenomenon, which may already exist. He is careful not to isolate his creations nor restrict them to preconceived notions. He does this by testing the relationship of the borders between his pictorial works and other art forms (in particular, dance, music, architecture and poetry).


François-Xavier ALEXANDRE particularly enjoys exploiting this phenomenon and process of connection through pictorial creations in the form of artistic polyptych-installations.  Usually, these works are permanently exhibited in public institutions in France and abroad. Many of his Objets Plastiques are also present in national and international private collections, where the phenomenon they express is contained in their own individual environment, while being connected together and part of a global, synergistic and symbiotic work of art.


It is in this spirit of global connection and interconnections, of synergy and symbiosis, that François-Xavier ALEXANDRE puts his creativity to work by engaging in different professions in the areas of art and literature (he is a painter and visual artist, but also a scenographer, a professor of art, a curator, an artistic director, a cultural and artistic advisor, and a writer), thus confronting multiple cultures and different universes.


* Phenomenon: something that manifests itself, a reality which has its own life and existence within all aspects of the universe (physical, sensory, emotional, psychic, social, symbolic, historical, spatial, cosmic, etc.)


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